Friday, November 9, 2007

Day Four: Asbury Park, NJ

If I remember correctly, we didn't get to the hotel until shockingly late. It was freezing outside. Did Christmas come early this year or what? We arrived to the hotel at 5AM. This happens sometimes with us. The sun was rises as we go to bed. I sometimes think we are a nocturnal ensemble, but then again, New York shows are overwhelming.

(cue Debussy whole tone chord arpeggio for dream sequence)
I have fond memories of this particular Motel 6. It was the very first place I stayed with Project/Object. Just being in the laundry room brought back a warm sensation. Back then I still barely knew my band mates and I was green to say the least. My only previous touring was with the Paul Green School of Rock Music. Back then I was surrounded by parents and peers who would take care of me. That first tour with P/O was so different. I had no idea how to handle myself. I remember following Svalgard everywhere he went. I was a nervous kid with a family and a girlfriend at home. I also had no idea how to eat. After the shows I would foolishly get decade old snacks from the vending machine - most of the time it was stale Pop Tarts. Seahag and Dave would haze me from time to time too. I always went to bed so early (which isn't much different than now). One time they came in my room and lifted up my mattress and started humping me vigorously. Ah, the good old days.
(dream sequence end, cue image of modern day East Brunswick Motel 6)

I slept for most of the day. It was okay, because East Brunswick and Asbury Park are not far from each other. Our show that evening was originally supposed to be at the Stone Pony, but it was moved to the luxurious Asbury Lanes Bowling Alley/the World's Most Amazing and Bizarre Rock Music Venue. That afternoon we found ourselves buying extra gear at the local Sam Ash Music. I definitely buy way too many musical things. My way of rationalizing it is by saying, "If it's educational, it's worth purchasing." Musical instruments are educational, right? Right?!
We left for Asbury Park at around 4PM and somehow got lost along the way. We still made it to the venue on time! How has this been happening? We've been blessed. Ralph of Music Club Studios was there to do our sound for us. I love Ralph. He's got a good taste in music and he recorded the show I did with Bob Musso. He's also possibly going to record Crescent Moon in the future. I hope that comes through. There was a lot of free time to kill before the show, so I just practiced a whole bunch behind the stage. My dad drove all the way from Philadelphia to be there. It was great to see him. Guess what? The Downtown Music Gallery/Lunar Bear Ensemble crew showed up too. Great to see John Lunar Richey and Bob Musso in the crowd.
The show that night was calm but still hilarious. The drum duet in "Don't You Ever Wash that Thing?" got even more outrageous. I can't remember what stupid motifs we did. It probably was the Folgers Coffee Song again. After the show we went to Wawa at 4:30AM and got vegetarian hoagies. I forgot to mention - this particular Motel 6 has wireless internet that is $3 for 24 hours. Motel 6 is finally catching on to the internet obsessed market. Good job.

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