Saturday, May 3, 2008

Table of Contents, No Appendix: The Long-Awaited Conclusion

I never finished my appendix story, so I'll sum it up for you in a few paragraphs.

I ran into the emergency room of Albany Medical clutching my stomach. Dave was parking the car while I was trying to figure out how the group of doctors chatting behind the plexiglas were going to assist me. They buzzed me in, and eventually I was in a stiff bed with all kinds of wonderful needles and tubes running through me. Katy and Sarah visited, while Dave watched over me and assured me that I'd get home to Philadelphia the next day. I was administered a healthy dose of morphine, so I couldn't really tell you in detail what happened after that. Apparently, I was sassy with my male doctor. I was later told that when he was checking for my heartbeat I muttered, "My heart beats only for you."

From what I can (barely) remember, I had an MRI and some other tests. When the results were analyzed, they told me that I had a slightly swollen appendix. They said that this was normal, and that I probably just had a bad case of gas. I was told to wait until the following day to go to the hospital in Philadelphia for further examination and evaluation. I ended up getting discharged at 5AM, and Dave drove me all the way home.

The next day my mom came with me to the ER at Jefferson Hospital, just in case some sort of major surgery was in store. I naively expected to get an immediate response on my condition, because I thought a swollen appendix was commonplace and easy to diagnose and treat.

Well, we waited around for 6 or 7 hours. Various doctors came and pressed on different areas of my abdomen, and I winced accordingly. Ultimately they decided that it would be best to remove my appendix, so they did.

I only stayed there for 1 day, which was tolerable. However, the recovery period was a serious annoyance, considering that you can't feel the sensation of urinating for a good 3 days. Getting out of bed and walking was also unbelievably painful. It took about 2 and a half weeks for things to feel normal.

So what did I learn from this whole experience? I'm not so sure. I do know that the appendix doesn't really have a purpose, although there's speculation that it may prevent dysentery.

Go figure.


Steve said...

Whew. Been waiting awhile for the end of that story. Felt guilty you stopped your other blog after I saw you at Santa Fe Brewing Company last year.
Hope all is well.

Jonny said...


You are top dog!!! Last night you drummed our spirits out of the universe. I want to check out more of your projects. When you have a chance please let me know where and how I can check out some of your other music. I also want to thank-you for the interview. I am going to edit into the Xmas show.

Famous Jonny Mambo

k-weight said...

e- nice meeting the whole damn fam at 49 west in annapolis.... (we introduced after b-fast, and I was embarrassed at remembering julie from last tour, but not eric -- whoops.) you guys smoked at rams head -- i'd seen adrian maybe 10 times before and this was, by far, the most enjoyable. i guess you're gonna have to put me on that long list of men that want to marry julie, too. (i heard some guy yell, "marry me!" when adrian introduced her friday night... poor girl! the curse of beauty and talent!
keep it real -- you are an amazing talent m'boy....

Jonny said...

To: Eric Slick and Friends

From: Famous Jonny Mambo (your pal)

RE: Spot the Adrian Belew reference in the "Famous Jonny Mambo & His Monkey Video"

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