Saturday, October 25, 2008

beauty knows no pangs

traveling in europe is such a privilege.
right now, i am sitting in a mercedes sprinter van and marveling at the mountainous countryside. the snowcapped peaks stab and jut through the clouds. forget about the autumnal massachusetts foliage - these towering trees are burnt to perfection.
the places we've visited in the past week (switzerland, spain, italy) provide the eyes with drastically different kinds of beauty.

in lugano, the 45 degree angle of the rolling hills turned all of us into r. crumb characters (even if you kept your posture proper) and walking became a chore. however, the payoff was big. the hill not only led you into the bustling town square, but if you walked a bit further you could witness a freshwater lake replete with ducks, swans, schooners - all with the backdrop of the alps.

san sebastian, spain. a place with a sort of old world natural beauty that truly grabs and consumes you, in the sunshine or darkness. the evening: we roamed around the narrow, pungent streets with jack and coke rumbling in our bellies. the daytime: a beach with the purest, grainiest sand my feet have ever walked on. muy bueno.

barcelona, spain. didn't get to see too much of it. we were only there for one day. probably the best show of the tour so far. more importantly, best singing audience of my entire career with mr. belew. it was the first time the audience sang in key when the "complicated" part came in on "three of a perfect pair".

milan. can i skip milan? we weren't really in milan at all. our hotel was in some city i can't remember the name of. we did laundry on our first day there and i made an ass of myself by doing "italian social experiments". these "social experiments" involved taking my shirt off and dancing around a laundromat while an old woman stared in horror. at least julie thought it was funny.
of course, on the day of the show my left hand crapped out during soundcheck. up until that point, i really didn't drink enough water. dehydration leads to muscle and ligament weakness. very dangerous for someone who needs to move their limbs in rapid succession. of course, we had two shows in one night at the prestigious blue note jazz club. first show was okay, second show was fantastic.
when we weren't playing or doing laundry, i spent most of my time in the hotel room reading hans richter's book on the history of dadaism. i also wrote 4 bars of music while experiencing the bizarre drunken focus of drinking 3 glasses of red wine with 2 shots of espresso. i call it the tuscan speedball.

anyway, can anyone recommend free video editing software for mac os x?!


Tony said...


Look at:




All freebies. :)

Joan said...

Yes , This is true. I was singing there.It was great.
We were awaiting Adrian outside and he stop the car and you were talking whit us.
Remember your promise.
" We will comeback to Barcelona"

Thanks , Joan

Something_Plural said...

Hey there, Eric!

Huge thanks for your show in Vilnius! Even though i've already been to 'Crimson festival' gig in Moscow's B1 club this september, i was just totally blown away :)

Have you enjoyed you stay in our country? :) How would you rate the crowd? I've spotted that when trio was asked on stage for the second time (to do "Thela Hun Ginjeet" - a last) you said "this is the last one" in a way that made me thought that you are either tired or feel no connection with the crowd :) Lithuanian people are really cold and calm on the outside, but since they are quite fond of music, arts and any cultural happenings - they were just exploding inside last night :) Have you had a chance to see Frank Zappa's monument ?

Say hi to Julie and Adrian. You can tell Julie, that there are AT LEAST 5 lithuanian guys that i know of who fell in love with her and wanna hangout :D