Thursday, January 8, 2009

2008 in review, 2009 predictions

i've been thinking about this for the past few weeks. in 2008, i was in transit during every month.

let's look:
january - u.s. tour with delicious
february/march - u.s. tour with adrian belew
april - u.s. tour with delicious
may/beginning of june - u.s. tour with adrian belew
middle of june - u.s. tour with delicious
july - canada/u.s. tour with adrian belew
august/september - russian tour with adrian belew
october/november - european tour with adrian belew
november - u.s. tour with project/object
december - australian tour with adrian belew

wow. no wonder i couldn't write any music.

speaking of which, 2009 has already started off as a productive year for me. i've been studying the elusive craft of composition in west philadelphia with a marvelous teacher named dr. benjamin boyle. he's the youngest person to ever graduate with a Ph.D in comp from the university of pennsylvania. go to his website and check out his "chamber music" and "art songs" - simply beautiful. with dr. boyle's help i am certain that i will be able to complete compositions with structure and intent.

i've also been attending bikram yoga classes twice a week. i wouldn't be able to focus on studying if it weren't for the power of this meditative yoga.

i also work for WDCDradio, an eBay record store. please peruse the selection and buy some records!

by the way, i have a brand new macbook pro thanks to my family. i can edit film, which means i'll be uploading all of my tour videos from 2008.

in the meantime, check out this wonderful video of the dude flying from the big lebowski:


Steve said...

Glad to hear you found a method that works. Simplest best for the complicated.

miaokatze said...
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Tickledrop said...

Did you say tour videos!? Thank you family!! haha

Happy New Year Eric!

cyrus ghahremani said...

hey eric-
i dig bikram, and it has positively affected everything in my life (musical performance, mood, general health, etc). i'm glad you're enjoying it too. namasté!

i'm sure 2009 will be a very creative and productive year for you. dr boyle's stuff sounds great - you will be turning out some really unique compositions, no question. you should use your new macbook pro (lucky) to write and record when you're on the road!!

ps: sorry about your rug, it really tied the room together