Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 is the year of the tiger

well, this'll be the year that we won't forget
2009, ano domini
anything goes
be what you want to be
long as you know consequences are given for living

i feel like i'm going through another transitional phase. 2009 was an exhausting year, probably more so than 2008 (although technically i was in transit for many more days in aught-eight). the first half of 2009 is completely lost in my memory. the details are gone, which makes me sad because there were some excellent moments. it's not that i intentionally erased it, it's just gone.

a period of time that is floating in space somewhere.

the second half of my year was dominated by 4 months of worldwide touring, which led to a 3 week long sickness. in fact, i got so sick that i had to cancel a legendary northeastern run with project/object.

in those 3 weeks, i had some personal breakthroughs. i've been working on music everyday, completing songs that were once considered worthless. it's therapeutic. i have a lot to look forward to in 2010. two new projects have been absorbing most of my free time: paper cat and lithuania. paper cat is an instrumental post-rock group with julie slick and robbie mangano (papercat.bandcamp.com). lithuania is my avant-pop song project with dominic angelella. i'm also excited for some of my solo compositions that have been blossoming out of the dust - especially because a piano is being delivered to my house this week. i didn't purchase it. it's an upright baldwin that belongs to my roommate tony. i can finally practice the "mikrokosmos" on something besides a MIDI keyboard. 2010 is going to be great, i can smell it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you can, please help andre cholmondeley's partner cheri jiosne. some of you may know andre from project/object, or his tech work with adrian belew and al dimeola. he is one of my best friends.

cheri is also an incredible human being - intelligent, humorous, gifted with an unparalleled warmth. she is currently fighting breast cancer. as you may know, the united states healthcare system is in complete shambles right now. cheri's medical bills are ghastly, and she needs all the help she can get.

you can donate thru paypal.com and make payments to projectobject (at) earthlink.net
You can send a check or money order written to CHERYL JIOSNE to:

Cheri Jiosne Cancer Fund
PO BOX 16672
Asheville NC

that's all for now. i'll post some pictures from this year in a few hours. i love you!

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peter said...

Yo - Congrats on the new band. All I know is that Dr. Dog supposedly thought they were naming themselves after a Beefheart number and that they asked R. Stevie Moore to open at a New York show. Both most admirable and earning of my respect. And now you. 3 makes a charm and all that, I'll have to check out the music.